Mornings at our house.

I’ll be the first to say I’m NOT a morning person. Neither is my husband. We’ve clearly passed this down to our kids. Honestly, happy people in the morning make us all a bit stabby.

Mornings are normally kind of frustrating for all of us, because we’re all just kind of passing the pissy mood back & forth. Most mornings, I rush out of bed to get R fed, because she’s always the first to rise. She likes to make sure L wakes up with her, so I have to get some liquid happiness into her before she gets a chance. I’ve gotten this morning exchange kind of down to a science. I change her while she’s eating because I don’t have it in me to wrestle my alligator baby first thing in the morning. But before I even bother, the coffee maker is started. I have priorities, y’all.

Our morning is likely not “typical”, because as well as hating mornings, we also hate breakfast. Unless it’s in liquid, caffeinated form. Lately, once L is awake & I’ve had my first cup of energy, I’ve taken to pulling what I’ve dubbed a “smoothie kit”(which is just frozen fruits and veggies already cut up & frozen together in a bag) out of the freezer in the mornings, whipping up a quick smoothie for us, and then we all sit around, pissy & waiting for daylight to become acceptable to us.

It should be mentioned that we’re LATE risers. Like 10-11am. All of us. It stems from when B used to work nights and we kept really weird hours. Now we just can’t shake it. For the most part, it’s nice. Except that in the “normal” mom world, playdates start at 9am, and we aren’t even cleaned up until after “lunchtime”, which is more like breakfast/smoothie time for us. I really don’t have it in me to adjust our whole life for that, though.

When the girls finally get up the energy/tolerance to play, I hang out on the floor until we’re ready to extend our bubble to the outside world. If we’re doing something, it usually doesn’t happen until 2pm, because I don’t really have my $#!& together the way I should. By the time we’re all clean, dressed, and human, morning has long since passed. Even then, none of us are super dedicated to the idea of being around other people, but we manage enough to be normal citizens for awhile.

Maybe it’s not that we aren’t morning people, but that we aren’t daytime people. I’m beginning to think we did better at this whole thing when we were halfway to nocturnal.


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