Sunshine in Ohio… with small kids

My phone tells me it’s 66 degrees outside (because I need my phone to tell me whether or not it’s nice outside). It’s sunny with just the perfect amount of cottonball clouds. Our windows are open. We’re donning shorts and tshirts. It’s March in Ohio. It shouldn’t be quite this nice, but it is. You know what they say about March. In like a lion, out like a lamb, blah blah blah, who cares.

It’s so incredibly nice out, but we’re sitting here watching Tangled. R is not a super napper, but requires a pretty strict naptime schedule or she becomes something akin to a baby ax murderer. Daylight Savings Time has ruined that. She isn’t happy, but she’s sleeping a ton today to make up for the fact that she slept a total approximate 47 minutes all night.

So here we are, waiting for the moment she wakes up so we can walk down to our neighborhood playground, and the girls can officially both throw a fit in public. My favorite… Whatever. We just need some fresh air. I can only open the windows in any given room about 2in, because we live on the 3rd floor, and if there’s a way to be found, my 2 year old WILL find a way to dislodge the screens and toss herself to the ground three stories below (that’s what my mom brain has convinced me, anyway). This air is not fresh enough.

L is convinced I’m lying about going outside when R wakes up, so to keep me honest, she’s decided to ask me about it every 3.7 seconds. In the loudest speaking voice I’ve ever heard. It’s all I can do to keep from losing my s&!t right now. Kid, I get it, I don’t want to stay in this cramped apartment that somehow has the perfect acoustics for amplifying your shrieks to a decibel above death. But mommy’s brain melting won’t get us to that playground any quicker.

I should be using this naptime to get this morning’s dishes into the dishwasher, but sitting somewhat clean in the sink is the best I’m willing to manage right now. So instead, I’ll just listen to Disney recount Eugene & Rapunzel’s love story for the umpteenth time and wait for the “I’m awake, come get me RIGHT THIS MINUTE” wail from the monitor.


Maybe I can at least convince the angry toddler that they won’t let us into the playground unless I go cash in my free Starbucks first. That’s a thing, right? Yep, it is. I decided.


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